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CONTACT Cape-Atlantic provides a FREE "check-in" phone call to the elderly and disabled who are living alone. This call allows them to remain independent in their own home, a goal so many of us share. If a phone call is not answered at the scheduled time, there are procedures each volunteer follows. These procedures have allowed CONTACT Cape-Atlantic to help many people in need.

CONTACT Cape-Atlantic was started to keep in touch with elderly and disabled living alone and to let them know someone cares about them. Now this successful program has grown to help anyone, regardless of age, have contact with another friendly person. Our volunteers help over 200 adults each day stay in their homes independently.

Reassurance Program is funded by The Older Americans Act through Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services.

Gatekeeper Program funded in part by Ocean City Home bank Charitable Fund.

of the Month

Maggie Hoffman

Board Member

Maggie Hoffman is our July Volunteer of the Month.  She works as a social worker and was named Caregiver of the Year at Shore Medical Center in May.  She serves on our board of directors and helps lead CONTACT Cape-Atlantic.  Maggie recently was very involved in our highly successful Spring Sensation.  She also organized and planned two painting events to help raise funds.

Maggie says, "This has been a great experience, being involved and helping to plan some events.  This type of service opens your eyes to the awareness of the elderly people, whom, I think, get lost in the shuffle."  Maggie knows it is very important that they get the services they deserve.

Thanks Maggie for all that you do.  Congratulations on all of your recent honors.  We are glad that you are making time to volunteer at CONTACT Cape-Atlantic. 

You can read more about Maggie in our July Newsletter, which can be found under the Special Events tab. 



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